20 minute treadmill workout

How Effective Can A 20-Minute Treadmill Workout Be?

What good is a 20-minute treadmill workout? What are the benefits of using a treadmill? This article will talk about the benefits of incorporating a treadmill to your everyday workout sessions. If you are looking to buy your own treadmill, after reading the article, you can visit buytreadmill.com.au today.


Are Treadmills Effective?

Working out on a treadmill is fun, but how effective are workouts done on this type of exercise machine? Many people who workout usually use a treadmill as a warm-up and cool down exercise. However, a treadmill can offer a whole workout all by themselves.


Advantages Of Treadmill Workouts

20 minute treadmill workoutDoing a 20-minute treadmill workout can do wonders for your body. Here is a list of the benefits that can befall a person who chooses to work out on a treadmill.

Improved Heart Health

Working out using a treadmill has benefits that extend way past just muscle fitness and achieving a good-looking body. The workouts done on a treadmill are cardio exercises. Exercises that fall under this category are designed to improve heart health. While you are busy doing cardio exercises, your heart will beat harder and faster to compensate for the extra work your body is doing. The extra work your heart does while the rest of your body is at work will greatly improve how your heart behaves when your body will be at rest.

When you decide to finally cool down and rest after your workout, your heart rate will slow down. Doing more strenuous cardio workouts will result in a lower resting heart rate. Slower is better when it comes to heart rate. When you have a lower resting heart rate, it means that it takes a fewer number of beats for your heart to get the blood circulating all over your body. It means that your heart will get stronger because of working out on a treadmill or doing other kinds of cardio exercises.

Weight Loss Benefits

By spending time on a treadmill, you will be able to see visible results relating to weight loss after only around one or two months of working out. Treadmill exercises not only increase the overall cardiovascular health of a person but also promote weight loss.

Within the first week alone of working out with a treadmill, a person stands to see visible changes in their weight because they will lose mostly water weight during the first few days of working out on a treadmill. Continuing to consistently use a treadmill will allow for slow but steady weight loss.


People who enjoy going on runs outdoors may continue to do the activity they love indoors. Especially during times when the weather is not appropriate for outdoor activities, a treadmill will provide a way for the person to still be able to continue doing their daily run.


Final Thoughts

20 minute treadmill workoutHaving a treadmill handy will enable a person to still take their daily jog, no matter what the weather looks like outside. Keep in mind that a 20-minute treadmill workout is a great way to jump start your day, and it is extremely easy to do. By allotting 20 minutes a day to work out on a tread mill, you will be able to see and feel changes happening all over your body.

With the use of a treadmill, one may be able to reach new milestones in terms of fitness goals. However, it is important to note that each person responds differently to exercise. The time it takes to see improvements may not be the same for everybody. The key to working out is to keep at it. Consistency will lead you to a better and healthier life.

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