digital radiography dentistry

Digital Radiography Dentistry

Many new technologies have continued to shape and improve the way dentists work their magic. Digital radiography is now steadily gaining popularity to detect, diagnose and monitor and treat oral diseases.


Benefits of digital dental radiography

Safer. Compared to old fashioned x-rays, digital radiography dentistry uses less radiation, making it safer and the more superior technology to use. However, this does not mean that the amount of radiation has been eliminated with digital radiography. There would still be some radiation with this procedure, and you would still have to wear protective equipment during the procedure, especially if you are pregnant.


Shorter dental appointments. The length of dental appointments would be significantly shorter because the results for the digital x-ray will be received in a fraction of the time as a traditional x-ray.


Better for the environment. Since the results will be sent straight to a computer, there will be no need to print out the results, reducing the waste of the procedure. They can also be stored digitally and would take up much less space than a printed-out x-ray would.


digital radiography dentistryImmediate review. Results would be viewable instantly. This would support the shorter appointment time, as well as allowing the dentist in Lindfield, NSW to maximize the time of each appointment.


Better images. The quality of the images for digital radiography would be far more defined when compared to the conventional x-ray.


Although these new-wave x-rays are gaining popularity, there are still some dental clinics that have not incorporated them into their practice yet. There are several reasons for this. The most common would include that they have to undergo special training for the new equipment and that they would have to purchase the machine, which does not come cheap. If you would be faced with this new technology and would have any questions about it, do not hesitate to ask your dentist in Miranda, NSW at Southern Smiles clinic for more details about the procedure.

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