Is Ibuprofen For Toothache Enough

Is Ibuprofen For Toothache Enough? (Risks And Best Dental Treatments)

A person wants to ease their gum and tooth issue can quickly buy Ibuprofen at a local drug store or pharmacy. Aside from the famous Ibuprofen brand, Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Aspirin, and similar painkiller tablets provides quick answers. However, a person may ask, is Ibuprofen for toothache enough to make it go away? Dr Paul, a dentist in Coorparoo, warns that recurring toothaches during the day or night require professional dental treatment. A tooth problem may be solvable by medication for hours. But an unexpected dental disease can make your dental work even more complex. It is our recommendation for the readers to visit a dental clinic right away for this emergency.


Why Do Doctors Recommend A Pain Reliever For Toothaches?

Doctors know which is the best and trustworthy relief for tooth pain. Ibuprofen is among the popular terms that people may hear every day from their dentists or medical practitioners. Yet, what does Ibuprofen have that another painkiller doesn’t? Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that deviates from the standard opioid drug from previous prescriptions. NSAIDs are better at providing fast solutions without worrying about instant addiction, nausea, dizziness, and constipation. On the other hand, an overdose is still a significant concern that doctors point out in their advice. 


Toothaches In Brief:

  • Caused by cavities formed by food debris
  • Bacterial infection can penetrate gums and teeth
  • Symptoms include gum swelling, inflammation, severe toothache
  • Toothaches can also lead to broken teeth or decay.
  • Don’t rely on everything you read on the internet, consult your dentist ASAP


Is Ibuprofen For Toothache Enough For Relief?

Ibuprofen For Toothache

Sometimes, people go to the extent of doing home remedies to avoid going to a dentist’s office. This avoidance may pose a considerable threat, mainly if the toothache is already severe. The fear of paying for dental treatments without insurance is also major trouble for dental diseases. It may be a great way to relieve emergencies such as using salt water, cold compress, or other DIY home remedies. But, in the long run, medical advice from a healthcare professional such as a specialized dentist can look into the details. Ibuprofen and other painkillers are only among the temporary relief drugs that a patient can use. 


What Other Prescription Medicine Could Help Alleviate Toothache?

Similar medicines can also help alleviate the symptoms of toothache, jaw pain, and other dental disease symptoms in the body. Many of the pain relievers are anti – inflammatory or anti-bacterial as well. Hence, proper dosage and consumption are advised for the patients to prevent further health complications. Popular over the counter (OTC) pain medications such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Naproxen (Aleve), Advil, and Motrin are some of the names you may already know. However, some of these drugs can have different side effects, as well. You may want to consult your local pharmacist before buying and drinking any of these OTC pain reliever products mentioned earlier.  


Risks In Taking Medications For Pain Management

Treatment for pain comes in both good and bad results. Most likely, if the patient was able to follow the instructions of taking Ibuprofen, then there will be fewer chances of issues. Yet, it is inevitable for drugs like Ibuprofen, NSAIDs, opioids, or other painkillers to exhibit side effects. Here are some other risks that you may want to consult your doctor. If you are already experiencing any of these harmful effects, schedule an appointment with a mental health professional or a specialized doctor immediately. 


Drug Addiction

A dangerous side effect of daily intake of pain medicines is the possibility of addiction. Nonmedical use of opioids, narcotics, and prescription drugs affect the central nervous system. This issue may lead to mental health illnesses such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and many others. Other than these drugs, items such as sedatives, analgesics, and anesthesia can also trigger dependency. It can be a challenge for people living with drug addiction to withdraw from their tendencies. 


Tolerance Due To Malpractice

Did you know that a person can become tolerant of their painkiller? What does this mean? Tolerance in dosages may require a person to take more than the milligrams and hours intended for the drug’s effect. Such health risks can lead to side effects such as weakening the liver, kidney, and the immune system. Moreover, you may have to switch to another type of Ibuprofen to prevent the tooth from aching again.


Breathing Problems (Sleep Apnea And Bruxism)

There is a study about sleep apnea and bruxism where prescription drugs such as opioids are the main culprit. Yet, there is much to discover about the effect of NSAIDs on sleep disorders. The possible theory from several researchers states that these relaxant tablets, liquid gels, and similar capsules relax the oral cavity. Once the blockage on the breathing airways occurs, snoring or sleep apnea happens as well. Patients with snoring concerns must get dental treatment, such as using a mouthguard. Further neglect of toothache and continuous use of Aspirin, Acetaminophen, or other over-the-counter medicine may result in health complications in time.


Professional Dental Treatments To Soothe A Toothache

Two significant tooth relief and management are present to combat inflammation. A person may treat their toothache by requesting dental works such as tooth extraction and endodontics therapy. Your Tylenol or Advil may not be enough to soothe these issues. Hence, professional dentistry practice can further analyze and diagnose your proper treatment.  


Tooth extraction

Although it is not immediate dentistry advice from your dentist, you may expect tooth extraction should your teeth need it. Some of the symptoms can include swelling of the gums, bleeding, and discoloration of the tooth. Moreover, you can even save your money from spending more on your treatments. 


Periodontal (Gum) Procedure

Ibuprofen For Toothache Risks And Best Dental Treatments

Restoration of the gums after any root canal or tooth extraction is also vital. Your gums may recede from the cavities and calculus that penetrates your oral health. An individual who wants to save their gums from a recession can expect to get a periodontal gum procedure such as gum grafting.


Root Canal Therapy

Infection in the gums and teeth can spread into the nerves or pulp of the tooth itself. The pulp may experience decay, and necrotic pulp may destroy the tooth entirely. Root canal extracts the infected pulp and fills it with dental filling to prevent the infection from coming back.

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