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Ideal Nose in Men: Male Rhinoplasty

What is a male rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty in men or male rhinoplasty is used to improve the breathing of someone who has respiratory problems or to change the features of their nose (cosmetic nose surgery) to achieve the ideal male nose. Many men take advantage of the occasion, and when they are getting nose surgery to fix a functional problem they try to get the esthetic surgery as well, both at the same time. For more information, you can visit this nose surgeon in Melbourne explains why men undergo rhinoplasty.

In the past, it was common that this surgery was only being practiced on women, but nowadays men are also looking for their ideal male noses, and that’s why male rhinoplasty exists, being different in some aspects to female rhinoplasty. To better understand this, here’s a list of what the purposes of this procedure are:


Objectives of the Surgery

It will depend on the reason for rhinoplasty of course. In the case of man’s aesthetic rhinoplasty, the harmony of the facial features is always sought:

  • A straight nasal septum
  • A nasal tip with an angle between 90º and 95º between the upper lip and the tip itself.
  • Balance of the male profile
  • Improvement of the front view of the face
  • Placement of grafts and support points at the tip
  • The nostrils, when seen from the front, should be barely visible.

Men are more exposed to nasal traumas because of their activities. In these patients, a “C” or “S” shaped – crooked – nose is often found, and these are quite difficult to correct. It’s usually necessary to re-fracture the bones to rearrange them in place and many times bone or cartilage grafts are placed to camouflage the sinking and irregularities caused by the traumas.


Candidates for a Male Rhinoplasty

Candidates for male rhinoplasty surgery must be over 16 years old (approximate age at which the nose stops growing). It’s essential that candidates seek to improve the shape of their nose and not achieve a perfect contour. To have realistic expectations is an important requirement for a good candidate for male rhinoplasty.

A good candidate may feel that his nose is too long or too short compared to the rest of his face. They may also not be happy with the shape of the tip of their nose, which may be drooping, bulbous, or noticeably protrude. While most male candidates are simply dissatisfied with the look of their nose, many others think of rhinoplasty as a mean of breathing more easily or healing any deformity.


Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty

ideal male noseRhinoplasty for men has many benefits. When performed properly and healing conditions are ideal, the surgery provides extremely satisfactory results. Patients who undergo rhinoplasty don’t usually experience major problems or complications and obtain satisfactory and permanent aesthetic results. Usually, the scars are poorly visible and minimal.

Most men who underwent rhinoplasty are very happy with their decision of getting an ideal male nose since as mentioned, these aesthetic modifications can improve breathing, increase self-esteem and achieve greater balance in their facial features.


Postoperative Male Rhinoplasty

The postoperative period of male rhinoplasty is not so different from the other sex’s postoperative period, except that these tend to have a major inflammation.

Simply follow the doctor’s instructions. You should be able to recover normalcy in just a few days. Returning to the daily activity will be possible in a week or fifteen days.

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