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What Is Medical Massage Therapy? (All You Need To Know)

Do you want to know what health conditions can be treated by medical massage therapy? If so, keep reading the article to learn more about this treatment. It is not a secret that getting a therapeutic massage can help relieve stress in your body and mind. In fact, it is a common treatment for body pain and headaches. Find a massage therapist on the go!


What is Medical Massage?

Medical massage therapy is prescribed and proposed to determine conditions that have been analyzed and recommended by a physician. Also, the medical massage therapist can utilize an assortment of modalities or strategies. However, they will concentrate on the medical massage session on the parts of the body related to the finding. In fact, medical massage is charged in 15-minute augmentations. Repayment fee plans apply dependent on the inclusion your insurance agency has decided.


Role of a Medical Massage Therapist

Medical massage therapists have licensed massage therapists (LMT) who can treat health conditions diagnosed by a doctor. In a medical setting, therapeutic massage is developing because the practice of combining conventional and alternative medicine is expanding. More emergency clinics and medical centers provide these sorts of treatments, and more health insurance organizations will take care of the expense.

Moreover, medical massage therapy helps lessen stress and pain, particularly for cancer or patients in hospice or fibromyalgia patients.


Scope of Training and Practice

All medical massage therapists work closely with specialists to treat patients affected by illness, pain, or injury. Their average everyday jobs and duties include:

  • Giving a therapeutic massage to a patient for an assortment of lengths
  • Applying different massage techniques to control muscles and soft tissue to address continues pain and injuries
  • Lastly, listening and clarifying various types of medical massage therapy to patients

The job of medical massage therapists has the particular objective to ease pain and treat health conditions like malignancy, neuropathy, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, or even hypertension.


General Massage Therapist vs Medical Massage Therapist

The man gets medical massage therapy.The job of a general massage therapist varies from that of a medical massage therapist. General massage therapists usually work in spas with the primary objective of providing relaxation for their clients. They may also use comparative massage techniques as a medical massage therapist, and they may even ease some pain. Nevertheless, a general massage therapist’s fundamental objective is not to address a medical condition but instead decrease stress and promote relaxation for their client.

On the other hand, medical massage therapists have advanced experience and training that permits them to concentrate on mending injuries, increasing function, or improving circulation. Specifically, a medical massage therapist works in clinics or hospitals and may get orders from a doctor regarding the type of massage treatment they should provide to a patient. Additionally, a medical massage therapist can even be compensated through the patient’s health care insurance.


Three Main Points of Medical Massage Therapy

Medical massage therapy differs in three critical approaches:



In addition to relaxation and stress relief, medical massage therapies focus on specific needs. They often use as a treatment for discomfort, inflammation, and nerve compression. Furthermore, this treatment can help improve circulation, digestion, flexibility, and treat other medical conditions.


Focus on Your Needs Through An Assortment of Techniques

Medical massage and spa massage may feel comparable, yet their techniques vary. In a spa, the methods probably focus on relaxation. On the other hand, a medical massage therapist will apply a more extensive set of techniques for muscle health and recovery.


Includes Specific Follow Up Suggestions

Lastly, medical massage therapists will offer a designated plan for treatment alongside suggestions for a progression of timed appointments versus an occasional spa visit.


Types of Massage Therapy

Based on your objectives, practitioners can apply various treatments together to address your specific needs. These include:


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is an entire body therapeutic massage treatment, making a calming and balancing impact on the nervous system. It is helpful for the health restoration of soft tissues and muscles.


Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy

This massage therapy works to protract and loosen up deep tissue. Also, deep tissue and trigger point therapy helps manage discomfort and increase individual’s scope of movement.

Sometimes, the technique is viewed as a therapeutic massage that is perhaps a good option to address chronic back pain or sports injuries.


Myofascial Release

This is a kind of physical therapy frequently used to cure myofascial pain condition. This syndrome is a chronic pain disorder brought about by tightness and sensitivity in your myofascial tissues. The woman falls asleep while the therapist massaging her back.These tissues encompass and support the muscles all through your body. The discomfort typically begins from specific points inside your myofascial tissues, known as trigger points.

Moreover, myofascial release centers around decreasing torment by facilitating the pressure and snugness in the trigger points.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a kind of elective treatment that began in China. Typically, it includes setting cups on the skin to make suction. The suction may work with healing with the bloodstream.

Moreover, the benefits of cupping include increasing blood flow to the area where the cups are set. This may mitigate muscle pressure, which can further develop blood flow and advance cell repair. It might likewise help create new connective tissues and make new blood vessels in the tissue.



Also called essential oil therapy, this method is a holistic healing method that applies natural plant extracts to advance health and prosperity. Aromatherapy utilizes sweet-smelling essential oils to work on the health of the body, spirit, and mind. Additionally, one of its great benefits is improving both physical and emotional health.



Reflexology is a kind of massage that includes applying different strain measures to the hands, feet, and ears. also, it is based on a hypothesis that these body parts are related to specific organs and body frameworks. Moreover, reflexologists are the professionals who can perform this technique. They believe that using pressure in these areas provides a scope of medical benefits.


Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Prenatal massage helps pregnant ladies reduce stress and discomfort in pregnancy. While the postpartum massage helps relieve stress, stretch marks, and improve temperaments after birth.

These are just some of the techniques a medical massage therapist can include. Contact your doctor to find out the right one for you.





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