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Popularity of Breast Augmentation in Knoxville, TN and other US states

The US is one of the most celebrated and highly publicized Mecca of plastic surgery. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 17.7 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures were performed in the US in 2018 alone. One of the highly-rated surgical procedures to note is breast augmentation. Breast surgeries are not only popular among middle-aged women in the US, but also breast implants in Sydney, Au are very popular among middle-aged women. Continue reading to find out about the popularity of breast augmentation in Knoxville, TN, and other US states.

Breast augmentation in the US

Can you believe that in 2018 alone, about 314,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in all parts of the States? This fact made breast augmentation the number one cosmetic surgery procedure that Americans want and need. And mind you that its popularity keeps on increasing year after year.

Breast augmentation procedure

breast augmentation knoxville tnAlso commonly called a boob job, breast augmentation is s cosmetic surgery that increases the shape and size of your breasts using implants or transfers fat from different body parts.  Implants are filled with either silicone gel or salt water. Other cosmetic surgery procedures can also be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation such as liposuction, mastopexy (breast lift), and tummy tuck. This combination of procedures is referred to as complete body makeover or mommy makeover since most patients who opt for this combination are mothers who wanted to bring back their pre-pregnancy body.

States that search breast augmentation online the most

Of the many states in the US, the northern states are the ones who generally search online for breast augmentation procedures, especially using breast implants. Here are just some of the states that preferred to get cosmetic surgery done to enhance their breasts.

  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • California
  • Utah
  • Kansas
  • Arkansas
  • Vermont
  • Maine

The tight competitor of breast augmentation in popularity is liposuction, which dominated the search engines in the US. The southern states, particularly Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut are those who made liposuction their most searched cosmetic surgery. But that does not mean that they are only into this plastic surgery procedure. They may have researched the effectiveness of breast augmentation in combination with liposuction.

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