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What Combat Veterans Can Expect from Veterans Dental Care Grants

There are various veterans dental care grants that combat veterans can take advantage of. The following article will talk about eligibility for dental services for veterans and the types of dental services these grants and benefits can offer. The SS Miranda Dental’s clinic near Sylvania, NSW weighs in on dental care for war veterans, you can read more about them by clicking on the link.


What dental services can veterans’ dental care grants get?

These dental services are meant to bring the oral health of veterans to its optimal level. Dental services that are covered by grants usually include tooth fillings, dental crowns, the production of dentures and dental implant procedures. These dental services focus on the prevention of tooth and gum diseases and also include general dental health services. As is the case with most dental coverage, cosmetic procedures are not likely to be covered by veterans’ dental care grants.


Who may be eligible for these services?

Veterans who have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Health Card or Veteran Card, are eligible to receive the full package of dental services offered by the veterans’ dental care grants. You may also receive dental care of you are a veteran who is a White Card holder.veterans dental care grants


You simply present your DVA Health Card or White card to the dental service provider and they will first assess the clinical need for the dental services before starting any treatment. Although you may be eligible to receive the services, there are instances where approval will be required before the dentist can start the procedures needed. They will be the ones to process any approval or clearances you need with the DVA. The dental service provider should also provide you a copy of the treatments you received for your recording purposes.


Treatment for other types of tooth and gum diseases

You may also receive treatment for other tooth and gum diseases and disorders such as bruxism. If you can provide proof that the treatment id a medical need, and if you have other conditions such as worn-out teeth because of the teeth grinding, you may be eligible to receive treatment.


If you will be needing the services of a dental hygienist or other types of oral health specialists, the veterans’ dental care grants under the DVA should also be able to provide those types of services for you, especially if they are in line with the treatment of tooth and gum diseases.


What you can do

If you are a veteran who is interested in getting treatment for your teeth and want to reach optimal oral health, the first thing you can do is talk to your dentist and the factsheets of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. You have to be sure that your dentist is affiliated with the DVA and if your treatment will be covered with that particular dentist. You may also need to confirm your eligibility with the DVA. You will most likely not need to pay for any of the dental services, however, there may be some procedures that require you to shell out some cash for additional materials to be used and that may not be covered in the dental care package. These are mostly connected to dental implants.

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