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A private clinic or a hospital: Which would be a better fit?

There would be many doctors that would work in a hospital setting and would also have their private clinic. This would make it convenient for patients, and it would also allow the doctors to reach more patients and administer treatment. For example this emergency dentist in Adelaide also works in a public hospital so he offers free treatments in the hospital and has his own patients also in his private clinic.

Private clinic doctors

These doctors would own their own private space to meet with clients. They would usually have a specialization and would cater to patients who have certain illnesses that are in line with the specialization they practice. 

The amount of money a doctor would make in a private clinic would depend on the patients that would come in to visit on that particular day.

Doctors who work at a hospital

Many specialists work in a shift in a hospital. They would work in a specific department in the hospital that is relative to the specialization that they practice. Many doctors who work at a hospital would work on holidays, and they would work long hours, often going home well after an eight-hour shift.

However, one good thing about working in a hospital would be that the base salary would usually be higher than working in a clinic. 

Can they do both?private clinic

It would be possible for doctors to work in both of these settings. If they would still have time after their private practice, it would be possible for them to also apply for work at a hospital. It would highly depend on what the doctor would want to achieve. Many factors can come into play with this, such as their social lives, goals when it comes to salary and other factors.

Working in both a private clinic and a hospital will give very little room for social life and family. This is why doctors who would also want some time away from work would choose to only work in one, a private clinic or a hospital.

How does a doctor make the choice?

It is not a difficult choice to make if you are aware of what your priorities are. It would be nice to set up a private clinic because you would be able to practice your craft at your own time. If you do not like working on holidays and weekends and if you are a person who does not like working away from your family, a private clinic would be the right work setting for you.

Although, if you like the thrill of encountering new situations daily, the hospital might be a better choice for you. You would get the chance to be exposed to more types of cases, typically those that will not be usually encountered in a private clinic. 

No matter which type of setting you choose to work in, you would still get the same sense of fulfillment either way. Being a doctor is about helping people, and whether you choose to be a private clinic doctor, hospital doctor or both, you can be sure that your efforts to help people will be felt and appreciated by your patients.

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