nerve pain after surgery

Can Nerve Pain Happen After Surgery?

Being under the needle can be painful and could really give signals for your body to react in a way that you aren’t expecting. Surgeries are very stressful for most people and preparations can be tiring for both the patient and their families. A certified professional may be able to help lessen the conflicts of having these fears. It is important that one finds confidence in making the final decision of doing major surgeries. Being interested in having that great body by doing tummy tucks or breast implants can be great. However, it is important to be safe and well-informed about this procedure. You can view at the drTummyTuckBrisbane page about the answers to some of the most serious questions regarding nerve pain after surgery.


Is It Possible To Feel Nerve Pain After Surgery?

Nerve pain is a type of neuropathic pain.  Usually seen in cosmetic procedures, nerve pain is possible but not an automatic reflex of the body. Thus, it results from prolonged sensitivity of your nerves from the procedure of removing the excess skin and to tighten the loose abdominal muscles, or when the body is healing itself naturally. Is it normal to feel nerve pain after surgery?  Your pain may usually occur after a while, usually 3 months or even after a year. You should consult your doctor about instances where you feel that there is numbing, itchy or prickling feeling where the surgery was done. Other symptoms for nerve pain may also include swelling or burning feeling, as well as stabbing pain. Immediate action for these symptoms will definitely save your life. You are able to diagnose any complications as early as you inform your doctor.


Your Lifestyle Determines Your Recovery

nerve pain after surgery

While you are on your way to avoid nerve pain after surgery, the first thing to remember is that the prevention of bearing this pain is more important. The best way to get the most out of the answers for this is to have a good sleep and avoiding strenuous activities. However, one should not opt-out of doing their exercise. Exercising and doing physical activities will reduce the problems of developing blood clots, as well as pain due to immobility. You can try simple exercises as advised by your doctor to lessen the risk of the pain recurring. In addition, smoking can greatly delay the healing process. This is due to tobacco blocking oxygen in blood flow. Nerves are very sensitive when it is damaged, so it is best advised that you should take care of how your mobility is. Ask help from someone in your family or a friend that can assist you with your basic necessities. This includes your personal hygiene, food, and liquid intake.


Seeking A Doctor’s Consultation

When is it time to go back to your doctor after your surgery? Physical therapy can treat post-surgical pain. An alternative may involve natural remedies, reducing emotional and mental stress. Probably, you are unsure of what to do and how to manage the chronic pain from any possible nerve damage after the surgery. You can seek professional medical help when this happens. Have a scheduled appointment with your surgeon or doctor to address this problem.


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