chest pain worsens when lying down

Chest Pain Worsens When Lying Down: When to Seek Help

Feeling discomfort around the chest area may be something that may alarm you for potential risks in your health. It may be caused by different factors such as indigestion or improper sitting or sleeping position. At the same time, it can be a major problem such as being a symptom of heart or lung problems. Other things to consider are any physical injuries that you have which may cause sudden chest pain while sleeping. Be mindful that chest pains should always be checked for any possible problems because ignoring these signs may worsen any underlying complications.

Causes of Chest Pains

You can imagine many of reasons why chest pain worsens when lying down but it is important to know which ones need immediate doctor’s attention. Take note of the frequency of this chest pain and consult your doctor about it. Write it down and explain the specific time and details of what you actually felt. Adding extra care for yourself won’t hurt anyone. Reading more about your chest pain will help you prepare for your future.  To check your physical health condition, here is a list of some of the causes for chest pains:

chest pain worsens when lying down

  1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) – It is a stomach condition that involves acid reflux going to the esophagus and affecting the heart area which is also known as heartburn. Symptoms include tight stabbing pain in the chest, coughing, sore throat and the sour taste in the mouth due to the acid.
  2. Heart attack –  A heart attack usually happens when there’s a blockage on the artery or veins where oxygen and blood flow isn’t able to pass properly. The pain is also known as angina causes this issue but does not permanently affect the heart. However, angina shouldn’t be taken lightly as a heart attack may likely occur if it happens again. You may also feel pain in other parts of your body such as your arms, shoulder, back or jaws.
  3. Pulmonary embolism – Blood clots form from a vein which is found anywhere on your body that travels towards your lungs, clogging the blood and oxygen pathways. Pulmonary embolism is considered a very dangerous medical emergency. Symptoms of this emergency are shortness of breath or an increase in heart rate.
  4. Panic or anxiety attack – If you feel dizziness, sweating, palpitations or breathlessness, these are the symptoms of a panic or anxiety attack. Sit down properly and drink lots of fluid to let your oxygen flow. If you can avoid lying down on your bed, do so as your chest pain worsens when lying down. Take patterned deep breaths and relax your body when you feel this situation happening to you.

When to Ask for Immediate Doctor’s Appointment

It is best to always consider the first major chest pain as a sign to go to the doctor immediately. Take note that when your chest pain worsens when lying down due to the sleeping position, the instant response should be changing your body in a sitting position. If this position does not help the lessening of the pain, ask for help from your family and go to the nearest hospital immediately. Chest pain might sometimes happen to you but it is best to consult your doctor for the symptoms to ensure that this isn’t a life-risking situation.



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