complaining for botched surgery

Botched surgery-There is always the possibility…

Plastic surgery exists to help people feel better about themselves by changing the particular features that they don’t like. However, what is botched surgery? Is it possible for plastic surgery to be unsuccessful? Read more to find out about plastic surgery failure.


What is botched surgery?

The word “botch” can be defined as something that was miscalculated or done in error. When it comes to plastic surgery, botched surgery is a failed cosmetic or reconstructive surgery that produces unwanted results. There was something that went wrong with the surgery, and the patient is not happy with the outcome of the operation. There is no one specific type of surgery that is more prone to being botched. It can happen for any of the standard plastic surgery procedures. This also include nose surgeries, tummy tucks, rhinoplasties, and breast augmentation surgeries.


Types of botched surgeries

Many mistakes during plastic surgery can cause the whole operation to be botched.

Leakage. There can be leakage to the surrounding area or in the area of incision itself. This can cause dissatisfaction to the client because it can affect how the final product would look.

Incorrect procedure. Of course, if the procedure is performed incorrectly, there will be a difference between expectation and reality. Sometimes, there is also a discrepancy between what is advertised from the reality of the procedure. It might be advertised as just minimally invasive, but in reality, it is a much more invasive procedure.

Injuries. If an error is made during the procedure, there are increased risks of injuries and unwanted effects.

Anesthetic error. There is also the risk of damage if a mistake was made in the administration of the anesthetic for the procedure.

Surgical error. The procedure may have been done correctly, but then surgical errors refer to when a piece of gauze was left inside the patient by mistake. This can cause infection and harm to the patient if a foreign object would be left inside the wound.

Wrong medications. If the wrong medications for post-operative care are prescribed, even if the surgery was performed correctly, there will still be unwanted and harmful effects.

Nerve damage. Nerve damage can happen if there is a mistake in any one part of the surgery.

Aftercare. There can also be adverse effects if the wrong kind of aftercare is done following the surgery.


Actions that can be taken

It is possible for you to resort to legal action. You can sue if you feel unsatisfied with the plastic surgery you received. If you are a victim of a botched surgery, you can hire a personal injury lawyer for your medical malpractice claim. They will be the ones to guide you on the steps you need to take to get justice for the negligence of the doctor. Even if plastic surgery is said to be a non-elective type of procedure, if you have been injured because of the surgery, you can go after the doctor who performed it.


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