nose job for wide nose

Nose Job for Wide Noses

Cosmetic surgeries are popular because they can help one feel better about themselves, and give them more self-confidence. There are many different types of plastic surgeries, and nose jobs are one of the most popular. Can you get a nose job for a wide nose? Read more to get information about the cost of a nose job in Sydney.


Making your nose thinner

nose job for wide noseHaving a wide nose is something that can make many people feel conscious. Plastic surgery has now made is possible to get a nose job for wide noses. This procedure is called a reduction rhinoplasty. It involves changing the shape of your nose as well as its size. The surgery can also change the angle between your nose and top lip and also the size and shape of your nostrils.


The initial swelling goes down after a few weeks of the surgery. The average time it takes for the swelling to subside would be around three to four weeks. However, it can take up to a year for a patient’s new nasal contour to fully refine. During this time, a patient can notice many visual changes in the appearance of their nose, as it would refine to the final and permanent outcome. The results of a reduction rhinoplasty are usually very long-lasting and complications are rare.


Is getting this type of nose job painful?

You can expect some level of pain with any type of surgery, especially when the effects of anesthesia wear off. As you would recover, there would be some pains that you feel as your nose heals and mends itself.


Headaches. The pain your nose, while you are recovering, might result in some minor headaches. You can ask your doctor to prescribe you some painkillers for this.  


Itching. As the wounds from surgery heal, you may experience itchiness. Or shooting pain in the surgical site.


Numbness. It is also normal for the site to be numb. The skin at the tip of the nose may experience this as your nose mends itself.


Follow the orders of your doctor

Your doctor will require you to wear a nasal splint for the first week following the surgery. On top of this, they will recommend that you avoid heavy and strenuous activities for up to six weeks after the operation. Doctors may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent any infections from forming, hindering the healing process of the surgical site. You must follow any directions given by your doctor. Take any medicines exactly as prescribed, especially in the case of antibiotics. It is never okay to stop taking these medicines once you feel better. Always take the full course of the antibiotics.


Visit your doctor if you are considering a nose job for a wide nose. They will be able to inform you about the process, risks and if the procedure is right for you. Remember that there is always a chance that you might be dissatisfied with the result, this is why choosing a good surgeon would be key in getting your desired results. Asking questions is a good thing because it would help to know all the risks involved with any surgery you choose to undergo.

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