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Is Pediatric Dental Emergency Care Available In Hospitals?

If you are wondering what dental emergency care is available for your child, close to where you live, it’s wise to research what clinics provide pediatric dental emergency care before an emergency should arise. You want to choose the best care available and be reassured that the practice will not compromise on the quality of care. The same-day appointment should involve an equal high standard of dentistry as you would expect from a regularly scheduled appointment. If you have a dental emergency near the Brisbane area, you can go to this dental clinic. There are many people do not know there is an emergency dentist in Brisbane that can provide you with high-quality service.


There are dental offices and hospitals around the country, that do provide pediatric dental emergency care; many are open seven days a week and throughout most of the year. A reputable dental practice will do their best to accommodate you, however booking ahead of time is always advised. There are a few circumstances whereby your child would require the same-day appointment and it’s crucial, as the parent or guardian, that you know what you can do in the meantime to make things go smoother before your child’s visit. Let’s take a look at some common dental emergencies:



Toothaches are a common complaint among children of all ages and it’s important that you call your dentist immediately. In the meantime:

  1. pediatric dental emergency careMake sure your child rinses their mouth regularly with water
  2. Clean any visible debris from obvious cavities
  3. Remove any trapped pieces of food from in between the teeth and gum pockets using dental floss
  4. Offer your child pain relief, if necessary
  5. Apply a cold compress on the outside of the cheek


Chipped Or Damaged Tooth

A broken or damaged tooth needs to be treated straight away, as fractures or chips can affect the living tissue inside of the tooth. Call your dentist and make sure you get the same-day appointment in order to prevent any further damage. In the meantime:

  1. Apply a cold compress to the cheek or lips over the fractured tooth
  2. Make sure your child rinses their mouth thoroughly with warm water
  3. Store the broken tooth or any fragments in milk


Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a common occurrence among children who are active in team sports, you need to make an emergency appointment with your child’s dentist. The tooth needs to be re-implanted and the sooner the better so that it can quickly fix itself back into the gum. In the meantime:

  1. Make sure that your child rinses the tooth in milk.
  2. Hold on to the tooth but avoid the roots
  3.  Store the tooth in a dry and clean container


Rest Assured

All parents want to feel that their child’s dental care is in good hands and when it comes to emergencies, pediatric dental emergency care should meet the needs of the child and not change the level of care that is normally provided. It is good to know that this type of emergency dental care is available.

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