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Got Tooth Problems? Dental Care Team, At Your Service!

Why allow yourself to suffer from tooth problems? The team of SDG, a dental clinic in Baulkham Hills, is open to lending you a hand for your oral health. Go check ’em out!


Dental Care Team

Every individual wants to have a good set of healthy teeth. A dental team will help make it possible for patients to achieve that. They will offer dental services suited to their teeth conditions. The dental care team helps the patient’s teeth outlive longer and healthier.

The dental care team is composed of different members. Some are enumerated below:

  • Dentists
  • Nurses/Assistants
  • Dental Therapists
  • Orthodontic Therapists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Technicians

The other teams may have additional members, aside from who was mentioned above. The members of the dental care team have the same goal. They want to provide the best dental services to patients. Helping them to achieve the best oral health as expected. As much as meeting the expectations, they might even want to exceed them.

Each member has different roles to play on a dental care team. They perform different tasks according to their field of expertise. However, as a team, they should be able to communicate well to achieve a common goal. Regardless of their positions in the team, they should act accordingly to succeed in their goal. Competition should not be in the room when giving full service for their patient’s oral health.

Furthermore, each member’s actions will definitely affect the other members and the actual practice itself. Without teamwork, success will not be possible. A team should work as a whole. Nobody in the team should be left behind. Everyone should participate in the service wholeheartedly. Each member is equally important.

The percentage of success is only possible if the team works as one. They should at least practising the following key points working as a team: dental team discussion

  • Quality care for their patients.
  • Dedicated to achieving good oral health for the patient.
  • Practice effective communication among members.
  • Observes professionalism.
  • Respect each other’s opinions and decide what is best for the patient.
  • Back up each other as one.
  • Recognizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


How to manage the dental team

In dentistry, having the experience to manage a dental care team is really an advantage. Treating one another as a family makes you feel the urge to work with them over the years. The dental care team should act according to their respective functions without overpowering one another.

In managing the team, each member shall have a clear understanding of how they will function during the activity, whether in the office or while rendering service to a patient. Clear distribution of assignments is essential. Every member shall be productive while enjoying at the same time.

A balanced work environment is also a way to manage the team. There’s a time to stay focused at work and a time to relax. Additionally, empowering each member is a great factor too. In like manner, providing the necessary training to enhance their skills and recognize their improvements will increase every member’s self-esteem.

Valuing the members at their respective assignments will give them the boost to continuously work well. In the first place, every member is needed; that is why they have their positions. Each position deserves a good performer.

On the other hand, seeing them work is not enough. The head of the team shall schedule meetings to know the members’ work conditions. Members might be encountering difficulties or probably, can share some improvements that will be beneficial to everyone.


Benefits of having a team

dental teamworkIn as much as completing the work alone, it is better to do it with a team. Why? Because it is more effective and efficient. Combined efforts and skills give enormous results that an individual may not be able to do so. Working in a team increases your options. It also helps to get the job done earlier and easier. In the event that difficulties arise, you have your team to support you. Explicitly, isn’t it more fun to work in groups?

A team that works together grows together. The dental care team is not an exemption. Working in a team enriches the drive to deliver a high level of dental care to patients. Seeing a patient’s satisfaction after the service is seeing your success together.

Furthermore, working with a team reduces stress from work. Having a team also encourages one another to take healthy risks, in the strong belief that you have your team to pull things through.


Food for thoughts

Always remember that observing teamwork promotes good and stronger relationships. A task will be a success if there is teamwork. The best results will be achieved in the long run, just like encouraging more patients to come. Sooner or later, everyone’s effort will pay off as camaraderie stays with the team.

The team maintaining these practices lasts longer. The patients will surely notice that your team promotes a clinic with an atmosphere of building friendships and doing tasks altogether.

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