how does pneumonia affect the circulatory system

How does pneumonia affect the circulatory system

Pneumonia is an infection that can take root in one or both of your lungs. The infection causes inflammation of the sacs of air in the lungs, causing fluid to build-up in the lungs. If an individual develops pneumonia caused by bacteria, one of the earliest symptoms is going to be an increased heart rate. It is very easy for this to develop into a fever. To learn more, a team of home doctors in Gold Coast talk about circulatory health.

How does pneumonia affect the circulatory system

The pneumonia infection can very easily spread into the bloodstream. Using the bloodstream as a transmission system the infection from the lungs can spread to other organs. This is potentially very serious and the organs can end up badly damaged. It is even possible that this spread of infection could lead to death.

Septic shock 

When bacteria is spread in the bloodstream the medical term is bacteremia and this can possibly be fatal in that it leads to septic shock. Septic shock reduces the blood flow to the major organs in the victim’s body, and it can result in organ damage and eventually organ failure.

Heart Attack 

There is some research that has indicated that Pneumonia can lead to a greater chance of heart attack, during, and after the infection. It is unclear, but possibly years into the future.

how does pneumonia affect the circulatory systemCommunity-acquired pneumonia is a condition that is going to impact between 5 to 6 million Americans and be the cause of 60,000 fatalities. This is not an issue that sits on the periphery of medical concern. There is still some uncertainty as to how Community-acquired pneumonia causes Cardio Vascular Disease but doctors have identified a clear two-way connection.

Streptococcus pneumonia is the bacteria that causes most cases of bacterial pneumonia. It is known that this bacterium is able to attack individual heart cells and kill them. It is therefore important that patients do not make light of pneumonia and treat ist as the serious issue it really is.

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