Stay Healthy During Flu Season

How To Stay Healthy During Flu Season?

In order not to catch a cold in the wintertime, you need to keep the immune system in good shape. This article presents 8 important rules that will tell you how to stay healthy during flu season.

  • Warm clothes

With the onset of cold weather, you should say goodbye to thin jackets. It’s time to get a warm winter coat out of the closet. In addition, even if the apartment is warm, it is not recommended to go out even for a few minutes in a T-shirt – you can catch a cold. Better put on a jacket and scarf.

  • healthy sleepSleep

For strong immunity, healthy sleep is important. Go to bed early and sleep as long as possible – at least 7-8 hours.

  • Keep your distance

Remember: kisses, hugs and even handshakes in winter should be minimized to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria.

  • Wash your hands

If handshakes cannot be avoided, wear gloves or wash your hands more often. Regular handwashing with soap effectively resists viruses.

  • More sex

Sexual relationships strengthen the immune system. This conclusion was made by researchers from the United States, they recommend having sex 2-3 times a week to increase the number of antibodies in the body.

  • Drink a lot

Herbal tea is the best. It not only warms but also prevents the mucous membranes from drying out and supports the body’s protective functions. The most suitable herbs are licorice, thyme, peppermint.

  • Shower for the nose

Water releases excess mucus from the nose and makes breathing easier. Tilt your head so that water does not get into your throat and drip your nose. After a few seconds, tilt your head forward so that the water comes out.

  • Contrast shower

The fact that a contrast shower is good for the body has long been known. However, it is important to end water procedures with cold water. It stimulates the body’s immune system.

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