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How Much Do Flexible Partial Dentures Cost? Materials and Price Range

Are you looking for options for tooth replacement? Then, you might be able to find a wide range of dental procedures and removable orthodontic appliances that offer complete dental restoration. With the numerous choices available, it can be challenging to select which one is the most suitable for your needs.

In this article, we will discuss all flexible partial dentures and why it has been the most recommended by many as their choice for dental restoration. With flexible partial dentures, you will be able to regain your confidence as you flaunt your killer smile once again. Flexible partial dentures are not readily available because it is made specialised for every patient. If you want to give it a try, these professionals make dentures in Sunshine Coast of QLD.


Flexible Partial Dentures: An Overview

Flexible partial dentures are not your average dentures. However, although they are made from different materials, flexible dentures are still classified as a type of partial dentures. They are designed to be a replacement for a few teeth or a single tooth, but not for a full set of teeth. This means that flexible partial dentures might not be advisable for those looking for full teeth replacement.

Flexible partial dentures are often used only as a temporary fix for tooth loss. It is a great way to restore your teeth while you are waiting for a more permanent solution. However, some instances allow the permanent use of flexible partial dentures. These are for patients who are not good candidates for implants or bridgework.

Here are some of the other definitive aspects for flexible partial dentures:



get flexible partial dentures costFlexible partial dentures are made from materials that are completely different from a standard denture. Unlike traditional orthodontic appliances, flexible partial dentures do not have metal plates and acrylic gums and are neither made with porcelain nor resin crowns.

In essence, the materials that make a regular metal denture may cause problems such as irritation and soreness. These concerns are the main reasons why flexible partial dentures have been made and why it continuously rises to fame. The materials used differs from the rest as flexible partial dentures are made of thin thermoplastic nylons that offers a much more comfortable option.

These nylons are flexible enough to be bent and fit accurately inside your mouth. They are also durable enough to be long lasting. To top it all, the heavier weight of the nylons gives off a more natural feel.



You might be reading this article to have the knowledge of how much flexible partial dentures cost. The answer is, it depends. The severity of your dental restoration needs is a great factor for your flexible partial dentures’ cost. Flexible partial dentures are specially made to suit your orthodontic needs, making them more subjective and individualised.

Your dentist will give you a price breakdown depending on several other aspects that may affect the cost, such as the brand, number of teeth that need to get replaced, as well as your dentist’s professional fee.

While flexible partial dentures may cost a little more than your normal dentures, it is still the most practical option for teeth replacement considering the type of materials, flexibility, as well as comfortability.


Why Should I Get Flexible Partial Dentures?

treatment flexible partial dentures costFlexible partial dentures are perfect for tooth replacement. Aside from not having metal parts that can be seen on regular and traditional dentures, flexible partial dentures are more comfortable to wear. This type of partial denture will also be less likely to cause oral irritation and soreness, making it better than the rest.

Flexible partial dentures do not require any adhesives because they can fit and adjust very well within your mouth, bringing a more natural feel. Depending on the materials used, flexible partial dentures are more resistant to stains and does not give off a bad odour.

There are many other reasons why you should get a flexible partial denture.

  • They are not rigid, which makes the possibility of breaking much lesser than your traditional dentures.
  • It is not made from hard materials, which helps preserve the integrity of your remaining teeth.
  • The soft materials prevent unnecessary shifting of the surrounding teeth.
  • There is little to no likelihood of causing allergic reactions.
  • They are made from lightweight materials, which makes it easier for them to adjust.

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