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Male Celebrity Nose Jobs: The Beauty Standards For Men

Have you tried looking at different cosmetic surgery websites and TV ads about beauty? You must have noticed that most of them, if not all, are centered on women’s beauty. Much has been mentioned about the ideals and preference of women towards how they would want their face and body to look and feel. But we may be forgetting about what men want. Yes! It is a fact that a lot of men also turn to plastic or cosmetic surgery to improve the way they look as they age. Some even prefer to undergo different cosmetic surgeries while they are still young just so they can correct or improve a flaw that they think affects their overall look. For instance, the ideal nose for a man looks straight and well defined, perfectly chiselled to be proportioned to his cheeks, eyes, lips, and jaws. To know more about how men would want their noses to look like, here are some male celebrity nose jobs that men would want to copy when they have their own cosmetic surgery appointment.



Male Celebrity Nose Jobs

Have you seen celebrities with perfect noses? You may be able to name a few, like Jude Law, Chris Pine, Ben Affleck, or Jon Hamm. They have clean, straight, and defined noses that are neither flat nor fat. The nostrils are not too flared, making their noses look trimmed to perfection. That is also how regular guys would want their noses to look like.

male nose jobsBut do not be mistaken; there are some men who would want to look rugged and masculine that they would prefer having a slight bump on their nose bridge. This irregularity would give the impression that they have had an accident in the past, like getting into a brawl or fight, making them look strong and rough. Owen Wilson, among other stars, has always sported a crooked-looking nose, a product of two early accidents while he was still in high school. Now it has become his trademark look.


Female And Male Celebrity Nose Jobs: Difference And Similarities


  1. Female rhinoplasties make the nose look delicate; male celebrity nose jobs aim for manliness

While most ladies aim to make their noses slim-looking and cute, men would still want their noses to look as masculine as possible. Though the crookedness was straightened, they would still allow mild bumps on the bridge or sides of the nose.


  1. Nose jobs for men are preferred to have imperfections; female noses should look spot-on

male celebrity nose jobThere are times that women, after their beauty transformation, look very different from what they normally look, alerting other people that they did something surgical to improve their looks. For men, though, just a subtle straightening and sculpting of their noses are enough, allowing others to still see some flaws while still mentioning that they look better than before.


  1. Women want their noses to look small; men just want theirs proportioned, not necessarily small or big

For women to look dainty, refined, and delicate, most would prefer to have small facial features. Small noses, ears, and lips may be ideal for ladies. On the other hand, men are just interested in making theirs look straight, without thinking about its size or shape.


  1. Both female and male celebrity nose jobs result in straight and well-defined noses

Having a straight nose complements the overall facial features, making us look perfectly chiselled and angular.


  1. Both male and female rhinoplasty patients want their noses to look natural and not fake

Rhinoplasty should target to complement your face. Having beauty pegs centered around a celebrity nose would either be too drastic of a change on your face. Make sure that you seek the help of a professional and trusted plastic surgeon so they can guide you on how your nose should fit your personal features.


Male Celebrity Nose Jobs: The Procedure

Just like common rhinoplasty surgeries, your cosmetic surgeon will examine and evaluate your facial features to determine how he can improve the way your nose will look. Those with noticeable flaws to their noses will get both medical and cosmetic evaluation so the surgery will not only address the physical look but also the functional one.

male rhinoplasty

There are particular surgical techniques that are similar to both female and male rhinoplasty surgeries. For guys who wish for symmetric and straight noses, the surgeon might need to perform an osteotomy; a surgical procedure that systematically ‘breaks’ the nasal bones to rearrange them. This may take a few more weeks or months to heal, but the results are astoundingly attractive and sexy.

Other surgical procedures can also be added to your standard rhinoplasty as the need arises. For instance, if you want to enhance the nasal tip to make your nose straighter and slimmer, your plastic surgeon may perform a cartilage graft. Meanwhile, if you have a large bulge or bump on your nose and it distorts your overall look, your surgeon may opt to shave it down. These are just some of the surgical methods that can help you and your surgeon to accomplish a strong, masculine nose to compliment your looks from now on.

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